…and easy money - is it even real?
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September 6, 2022 | Read Online
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Today’s topics:

⚽ FIFA+ Collect announced

📈 Web3 Express News

😎 BFC Corner - Easy money - is it even real?

This year is great for all football (or soccer - which one you prefer?) fans. At the end of 2022, the Qatar World Cup will take place. This is the most significant event for all football fans. It occurs in four year intervals.

This time, the event has a lot of new things. For the first time, it will be held in November and December instead of June and July. It’s the first time in the Middle Eastern with the weather conditions typical for the region. We’re expecting a lot of surprises and uncommon results from this event.

FIFA decided to provide one more piece of new entertainment: FIFA+ Collect was announced. It is a unique platform allowing fans to own and collect FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup moments.

It will be available later this month and is affordable, inclusive, and accessible to all football fans. More information will be announced on social media.

The idea is pretty similar to NBA Topshot - the collection of digital actions from the NBA games. Imagine that you could own the NFT with the most important goal from the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals. Looks legendary to me ⚽

FIFA+ Collect will be available on the FIFA+ platform, which provides access to live football matches from every corner of the world, interactive games, news, and tournament information.

FIFA+ Collect is powered by Algorand, the official blockchain platform of FIFA. This is a collection that every football and NFT fan wants to own. Honestly, I think there will be many earning opportunities for trading these items.

I’m curious how it’ll be implemented. There is a need to make it super user-friendly.

I’m not a great football fan anymore - but after this announcement, I will observe this year's World Cup. If there were Zidane vs. Materazzi NFT, it would be my favorite one
  • Security is a major issue in the crypto world. Bill Murray, comedian-actor known from Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, got hacked. His charity NFT project wallet has been exploited for more than 112 ETH. It’s almost $175,000. Always remember about your wallet security!!! The auction runner-up, Mishap72, donated 120 ETH to replace what was lost.

  • The Merge Update - today is the Bellatrix hard fork that prepares chains for the merge. The merge is expected to happen on 13-15 September. It’s earlier than the previous estimation, about 15-16.

  • Are you thinking about how to take advantage of the Merge? Bobby
    CoinGecko co-founder & COO shared a great thread about that.


Today’s topic will be interesting, especially to those who seem to deny cryptocurrencies' value. Is it even possible to obtain legal crypto assets free of charge? Well, some may say NO WAY and I say HELL YEAH! Let’s start to decode this magic now!

What is an airdrop?

First, let me tell you what we don’t call an airdrop. It is not some sort of scam or a money laundering method.

The most common use of Airdrop is providing kudos to early adopters (those who use a specific web3 solution at an early stage of the project). It’s a great way to promote a solution and attract an extensive amount of new users.

Then why do people do Airdrops?

In one word - promotion! Imagine you get a gift worth a few-months-salary out of nowhere! It’s obvious that most of you will be super excited and share this win on social media (is this a good idea? That’s a different topic but I always assume people who do so know what they are doing). This is where organic marketing kicks in! It does the trick and may attract loads of new users sign-ups while bringing a small and silent project to the size of a profitable giant!
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